TRACK / CITY LIMITS 1:   Simple track with a lot of straight lines and no obstacles. Well suited for rookie racers. It is built on the remnants of an old industrial complex.

TRACK / CITY LIMITS 2:   A more demanding track with longer split sections that offer more options to navigate the track. There are obstacles in the form of containers being lowered on the track. These will block your path for a short while. To avoid them pay close attention to the timing of their movement.

TRACK / CITY LIMITS 3:   Many obstacles block the access to important powerups. Timing is essential in successfully navigating this track.

TRACK / CANYON 1:   The canyon walls and tunnels limit the visibility on this track. But they also provide cover from weapons.

TRACK / CANYON 2:   Wide areas allow some room for more complex maneuvers. Beware of energy barriers that affect any car that passes them when active.

TRACK / CANYON 3:   A lot of split sections make this track more difficult. Also be careful of the many energy barriers. Don't hit them when you're really low on health.

TRACK / METROPOLIS 1:   These tracks are built from a web of city highways. They are faster tracks, but challenging to navigate. This track has no active obstacles so it is more accessible to racers.

TRACK / METROPOLIS 2:   Tight corners and split sections make up this track. Avoid the barriers made from hardened steel blades, as they will damage and slow you down if you're not careful.

TRACK / METROPOLIS 3:   Tough and challenging track with a lot of obstacles. Bridges offer some straight lines that you can use to your advantage.

Note: All tracks also have a reversed version available.