WEAPON / MACHINEGUN:   The basic weapon that comes pre-installed on all cars. It fires bursts of bullets, has a long range but a wide spread. Aiming it will make it harder to achieve a good racing line.

WEAPON / MISSILES:   Guided missiles that automatically lock on to the target. The target must be in range but not too close, in order for the missiles to get a valid lock.

WEAPON / MINES:   Lay mines on the road. Mines damage and slow down cars. Really useful in dealing with the racers chasing you.

WEAPON / EMP:   A blast of energy that affects all nearby cars. Easy to use but has a very limited range. Target icons will alert you of the cars it will hit. It is better to deploy it when you are in the middle of the pack.

WEAPON / RAYGUN:   A long range powerful ray that greatly damages and slows down opponents. It needs precision aiming and has a longer cooldown between shots.