CAR / RAPTOR:   Default car available to every racer that enrolls for Battle Riders. It is a well balanced and agile vehicle, but it lacks power and reinforced armor.

CAR / BLAZE:   A more rugged option. High grade armor offers better protection against all weapons, so you will need to repair less often.

CAR / SABRE:   Faster car, at the cost of a lighter armor. It will get you to the front of the pack faster, but be prepared to sustain more damage.

CAR / IRIDIUM:   Equipped with heavy armor that offers better protection, it also has a bigger engine that accelerates faster. But the weight of the car takes its toll and limits top speed.

CAR / METEOR:   Reinforced armor makes this car a trustworthy vehicle. While not the fastest alternative, the engine is tuned to offer longer boost times.

CAR / TEMPEST:   A lighter frame and a lot of traction make this car accelerate faster and have a higher top speed. But it is more vulnerable.

CAR / VECTOR:   One of the most versatile vehicles on the track with lots of power to achieve a higher top speed and a lot of armor to protect you from opposing fire. For added performance it also packs more boost.

Note: Some cars are better suited for certain types of events. Faster cars with less armor are better for Clean Race and Time Trial, while heavier cars with more armor are better suited for events like Survival.