EVENT TYPE / BATTLE RACE:   This is the main event in Battle Riders. It is a race to the finish. Weapons allow you to wreck opponents and gain an important advantage. You must finish first to win. The number of laps depends on the number of cars participating in the event.

EVENT TYPE / DUEL:   In these events you have to race against just one opponent but he is well equipped and better prepared than most racers. To win you have to beat him to the finish line in one lap.

EVENT TYPE / SURVIVAL:   You have to wreck all opponents to win, so choose your weapons carefully. No repairs and no respawns are allowed. A tougher car will stand a better chance. You can also win by finishing all three laps in first place.

EVENT TYPE / ELIMINATION:   Just like Battle Race, except that each lap the car in last place is eliminated from the race. Stay ahead of the pack and don't fall behind. The number of laps is dictated by the number of racers.

EVENT TYPE / CLEAN RACE:   No weapons are allowed in this event. Try to use Boost as much as possible. Faster cars are recommended. To win be the first to finish two laps.

EVENT TYPE / TIME TRIAL:   You must cross the finish line before the time runs out. Speed and Boost will help, so choose a car best suited for the task. Try to use the track to your advantage.

CHALLENGE / TIME ATTACK:   Get the best time possible in one lap. Tier 3 speed.

CHALLENGE / MINEFIELD:   Mines cover the track, more each lap. Get as far as you can in 3 minutes.

CHALLENGE / BARRELS:   You have 3 minutes to hit as many barrels as you can, machineguns allowed.

Note: Challenges are unlocked by winning all events in the career tiers.